Welcome to Wild Flower HQ, a place for wild and florescent teenagers! Being a teenager is like wearing the wrong size jeans and you are still trying to find the perfect size that you feel comfortable in. We are awkwardly trying navigate this journey that we call life, we are transitioning from comfy converse sneakers to heels we can barely walk in. As teenagers we often find our self’s feeling lost, insecure or extremely emotional (something so small can feel like you have been hit by a car). It’s all about experiencing a whirlwind of emotions from laughing hysterically to balling your eyes out because teenagers sparkle and we are the only ones that understand. We are constantly learning a gazillion things each day while dealing with new and raw emotions.
Here at Wild Flower HQ you will find everything from fashion, school, friendship, music and this peculiar thing we call love. Wild Flower HQ is FOR teenagers and written BY teenagers, we completely understand what life is like as a teenager and how hard it can be. Lets face it, we are all monarch butterflies trying to fit into our new sets of wings and sometimes that can be tricky.

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