You will all probably know Erin from married at first sight Australia but you probably won’t know that Erin is fashion blogger and fashion designer who runs BOY IS MINE the label with her Mum and Sister. She has an epic sense of style so I thought she would be the perfect person to talk to about fashion. In this interview Erin talks about her personal style, the fashion industry, designer brands and MORE!

Erin on Married at First Sight Australia

Describe your sartorial style? Are there any specific colours, patterns or textures that you like?

I’m an ‘all black all the time’ girl because I’m from Melbourne. But I would describe my style as two extremes.. either really casual and comfortable OR really dressed up and uncomfortable. I love high waisted denim, nothing makes me feel hotter! I have a huge dislike for spots.

Designer brands are guaranteed to burn a hole in anyone’s wallet, do you believe in quality over quantity?

This is a really good question! I very much believe in quality over quantity TO AN EXTENT. For example, leather bags, shoes, wallets, I believe you get what you pay for so I often spend big money on these things because I want them to last. They ARE worth the money if they are classic styles you plan on keeping a long time. For example, I love buying Acne or Alexander Wang boots because they are comfortable and they last. I am still wearing boots from these brands 5 years later, I’ve completely thrashed them and they still look good as new. Same with wallets and bags, these are things I use on a daily basis, I want them to last. With that comes a certain expectation that you’ll need to pay more for that level of quality – I have no issue justifying that.

On the flip side though.. Disposable fast fashion is incredible, gimme a patched up denim jacket for $69.95, I’ll wear it every day straight while the trend lasts and then when it’s time has come, I’ll move onto the next thing. In a world where trends change so quickly I cannot justify spending bulk cash on trending clothes, especially when I can get ‘the look’ from stores like ZARA where it looks exactly the same as the designer version for literally a fraction of the price.

As a result of social media, do you think fashion has become more mainstream?

I think social media is making it more and more difficult to find genuine individuality. It seems, now days, everyone is a clone of everyone else. Sometimes I see a group of girls on the street or at a cafe or wherever and I notice they are literally all wearing the same thing just ever so slightly different.. chambray shirt, white jeans, espadrilles for example. It’s kind of sad in a way? But also, I can’t judge as I literally own all those items! Ha! See what I mean though?

Do you have any tips for teenagers wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

I’m not sure I’m the right person to give advice as my fashion brand is not ‘excelling’ by any means! It’s a hard job, you don’t do it for money – at least i don’t – you do it because you love the absolute shit out of it. You can’t build a brand over night, in a month, or in a year. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy. I find Peter Alexander’s story quite inspiring, wannabe designers should research his journey!

Obviously, fashion design is a beautiful form or art which requires a huge level or creativity.

What inspires you to design creations for Boy Is Mine the label? Are there any designers who have had a major influence on you over the years?

Boy Is Mine is a combination of things. We look at current and upcoming trends, I’ve always been into this! Watching trends has been what I would consider a ‘hobby’ of mine for many years, it doesn’t feel like work because I would do it anyway! We also think about ourselves a lot of the time, because we are trying to sell to people exactly like my sister and I.. so we have to WANT to buy the product ourselves first and foremost. If we don’t like something, or the fit isn’t very ‘us’, then we start again on a new idea.

This season we were really inspired by Gucci, pretty easy to see why! Anything with a bow, ruffle, frill, we are going ape shit for it this season and you can find that sort of style in BOY IS MINE Summer collection.

Finally, if you could give your 16 year old self fashion advice, what would it be?

Don’t wear Stevie fluro pink scratch and sniff tees, you look like an idiot. I feel like only teens in the 2000 era who lived in Melbourne would understand that!

Next piece of advice is, you don’t have to have a body that ‘looks a certain way’ to wear what you want to wear – obsessing over how I looked took up a lot of my time as a teen when I should have just said “f**k it I’ll wear what I want”.

Be sure to check out Erin’s blog and check out her fashion label BOY IS MINE, it is beautiful designer fashion made in Melbourne, Australia!


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